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On Thursday, November 15th, at 9:00 pm, Join us for a "standing room only" teleclass where "The JV Queen", Gina Gaudio-Graves, will GRILL the Founder of Internet Marketing NEWS TV, Paul Hooper-Kelly, on his secret strategy ANYONE can use to create powerful, profit-sucking videos that can TRIPLE YOUR SALES using completely FREE tools & software
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FALSE Videos are complicated to create and it can often take years of training to figure out how to produce them.

TRUE:  Videos are actually EASY to create and the software to create them is VERY INEXPENSIVE (and in many cases, even FREE).

FALSE Only skilled professionals can create videos that actually get results.

TRUE:  Actually, the professionally created videos do NOT drive much traffic and do not pull in big sales.  It's the amateur videos that really drive hordes of targeted visitors and rake in the big bucks.

If you're interested in Tripling Your Sales like John Reese has, and you want to enjoy the success and freedom that comes with being an "automatic millionaire" then I have good news and bad news ...

The Good News:

  • John Reese increased his sales 300% by adding video to his sales letter.

  • David Frey was able to capture a #1 ranking in Google for 2 different keywords, each with over 1,000,000 stiff competitors, in less than 30 days by using one strategy involving video!

  • Internet entrepreneurs are regularly getting MILLIONS of Targeted Visitors to their websites, every single month, simply by uploading videos to sites like YouTube and Google Video.

  • Video directories are largely unpopulated sources of FREE, Targeted Traffic, that even increase your search engine rankings as well.

  • Paul Hooper-Kelly has trained hundreds of Internet Entrepreneurs to create their own profit-sucking videos, driving millions of visitors and bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Now For The Bad News:

  • Paul is only doing this call once!  The call will not be repeated nor will it be recorded.

  • There are only 250 lines available for this one time only event.

  • It is inevitable that there will be hundreds of people who "didn't get around to registering in time".

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